When a minter provides USDC to mint QLT, the minter and the treasury will each receive an equal amount of QLT. The treasury’s QLT reserves will be used for the following:

  • Marketing and Business Development: 15% of the QLT reserves will be used for Quantland’s marketing and business development purposes

  • Ecosystem Operation: 10% of the QLT reserves will be allocated for the Quantland team to maintain the ongoing operation of the ecosystem

  • Liquidity Provision: a portion of the remaining QLT reserves will be used to provide liquidity in the liquidity pool to stabilize the QLT price


To stabilize the QLT price, the treasury may adopt the following policies:

  • Increase the staking reward rate when the staking rate of QLT is too low.

  • Decrease the minting discount when the market price of QLT is undervalued.

  • Buy back QLT from the market when its price is undervalued.

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