What is Quantland?

Quantland is a decentralized asset growth platform on the Ethereum network based on the Quantland token (QLT), the value of which is backed by the stablecoin USDC in the Quantland treasury. Quantland actively manages assets in the treasury to generate maximized profits via diversified investment strategies and airdrop a portion of the treasury capital growth to QLT holders on a monthly basis.

The issuance model of QLT allows early participants to earn high APY by staking QLT. In addition, Quantland will be launched with no pre-minting, no presale and no VC allocations to provide all participants with equal opportunities.

Quantland is different from most of the other DeFi 2.0 projects, and is designed to offer a more advantageous value-accruing strategy for the QLT holders, by generating compounding fundamental value for QLT holders because of its ability to make capital gains on assets in the treasury.

Quantland cooperates with Quantrend Technology who provides AI-powered trading strategies that can generate about 40-80% annualized return on asset value to allow fundamental value growth for QLT holders.

Also, QLT’s fundamental value will be rather stable since it is backed by stablecoins and rewards to QLT holders will be airdropped in stablecoin.

Quantland holds a unique position in the crypto space, aiming to provide high growth in fundamental value for QLT holders under all market conditions, including bearish markets.

This white paper can be downloaded here.

How do I participate in Quantland?

There are two main ways to participate: minting and staking.

Minters provide USDC, ETH or other crypto assets in exchange for discounted QLT with the option to sell at a higher price later.

Stakers stake their QLT to earn compounding QLT rewards and receive stablecoin airdrops, while also benefit from the rise of the fundamental value of QLT. Overall, early participants can benefit from two things: the high QLT staking APY and the growth of QLT price. As the treasury capital grows, the fundamental value of QLT will go higher.

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