What is Staking?

With staking, QLT holders can earn compounding QLT rewards and also accumulate their staking power to gain more from future airdrop events. In general, staking QLT for a longer commitment period comes with a higher staking reward rate and a higher multiplier for staking power accumulation. After the commitment period, stakers may choose to perform the “unstake” action and will be able to redeem their staked QLT 72 hours after the action. Otherwise, they can continue to earn a staking reward on their staked QLT.

The staking rewards include two parts: QLT Reward and Airdrop Reward.

QLT Reward

QLT stakers can earn compounding QLT rewards every hour. The formula can be found in Equations page.

Airdrop Reward

When the asset value in the treasury grows, airdrops in stablecoin will be rewarded to QLT stakers. The airdrop rewards are planned to be released on a monthly basis. The airdrop reward formula can be found in Equations page.

Voting Rights

Initially, most of the treasury investment decisions will be decided by the Quantland management team. In the future, Quantland aims to transition into a DAO-governed model, letting QLT stakers make proposals for the directions of treasury funds investment.

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